Web Building For you and your business.

Whether you are new to the web or had your site for awhile,
I would be pleased to help design a website for you.

Projects can range from simple one-page webs for resumes,
contact information or other brief requirements
to full e-commerce sites complete with payment processing systems.
Sites can be built in html or php.

My specialty is working with newbies on the web who need help in wading through all the confusing terminology and just don't know where to begin. I not only help folks get their sites up on the web but I help them, to the extent they wish, to learn to do some web maintenance themselves. This saves my clients money and gives them freedom to make simple updates to their sites when it is convenient for them.

Web site design and creation fees range from $100 for a simple page
up to $7,500 for a full editable community site
with lots of choices in between.
The usual e-commerce site fee for a small to mid-size artisan or 'mom & pop' business is approximately $2,500 to $3,000.

Maintenance Editing is charged @ $25.00 per hour
with a minumum charge of $12.50 per session.

Domain and Monthly Hosting charges:

Domains: $15 to $100 / year
Monthly Hosting: $12.50/month for a general account.

Don't feel shy or obligated when asking for a quote for your site needs.
I'm glad to try to help.

EMAIL your enquiries.